Resources - 50 Reasons for Wearing Contact Lenses


There are many occasions when contact lenses can offer more natural vision and other great advantages over spectacles. If you are not already convinced, here’s a list of 50 further reasons:

Contact Lenses versus Spectacles

  1. Contact lenses free you from the constant awareness of spectacles.
  2. Misplacing glasses is a common annoyance.
  3. Having spectacle frames slip down your nose or leave marks on your nose and ears can be avoided.
  4. Spectacle frames can also slip when you bend forward to pick something up.
  5. Contact lenses can boost confidence and self-esteem especially in children.
  6. Protection from stinging when cutting up onions.
  7. Being able to read without wearing spectacles is a big advantage for many people.
  8. Contact lenses make it easier to wear special aids to let you watch 3-D movies.
  9. Spectacle lenses can regularly fog up, especially in winter.
  10. Perspiration can make it easier for frames to slip down your nose; especially in hot, humid weather.
  11. Just a few rain drops on spectacle lenses can be a problem for vision. Contact lenses have lid wipers to keep vision clear when it is raining.
  12. Contact lenses don’t get in the way when kissing.

Better Vision

  1. Contact lenses create a more natural vision compared to spectacles.
  2. Your field of view is reduced by spectacle frames and lenses. The wider field of view in contact lenses makes driving safer for example.
  3. The problems of poor vision when you look up, down or to the side in spectacles are avoided in contact lenses as they always move with your eyes so that your best focus always stays in front of your pupil.
  4. For short sighted people there is an advantage of having better vision because images are larger with contact lenses.
  5. When eyes require different powers, contact lenses balance the image sizes. The better balance can improve the way the eyes work together and give better vision.
  6. Contact lenses give better side vision for people with high astigmatism.
  7. Irregular astigmatism can only be corrected with contact lenses. These people enjoy a better quality of life.
  8. Special contact lenses are available to correct colour vision deficiencies.


  1. Contact lenses match everything you wear.
  2. Coloured contact lenses can provide the added option of a chosen eye colour.
  3. Spectacle lenses can be very thick and make your eyes look larger or smaller than normal.
  4. Contact lenses let people see your eyes and therefore don’t detract from your natural appearance.
  5. Fashion sunglasses can be worn over contact lenses for a better look than prescription sunglasses. 
  6. Photographs of spectacle wearers can be a disaster with eyes hidden by reflections and/or shadows.
  7. Wearing eye make-up stands out better because the effects created are not hidden by spectacle lenses and frames.
  8. A beard and spectacles is too much furniture for one face.
  9. Prescription sunglasses can be expensive.


  1. Contact lenses avoid fogged spectacles in kitchen work.
  2. For work situations that require eye protection, contact lenses are superior. They will fit more easily than spectacle frames under protective goggles or welding masks, for example.
  3. Contact lenses make it easier to use the viewers in cameras, microscopes and binoculars


  1. Contact lenses provide the freedom to play sport without the fear of losing or breaking your spectacles.
  2. Better side vision with contact lenses can be a great asset in all sports.
  3. Loose fitting spectacles can bounce and be annoying when running.
  4. Spectacles are an unnecessary risk in many sports where body contact is involved.
  5. Contact lenses are great for being near the sea when sea spray can be a problem with spectacles, for example, whilst sailing.
  6. Playing snooker, billiards or pool is much easier with the unobstructed ‘looking along the cue’ vision in lenses.
  7. Water skiing is much safer in contact lenses due to the clearer splatter-free vision provided.
  8. SCUBA diving and snorkelling are much better with a face mask worn over contact lenses.
  9. Ski goggles fit much better over contact lenses than glasses.
  10. Cyclists riding racing bikes from their head-down position through sunglasses, find contact lenses give them clearer vision.
  11. Contact lenses are more convenient for outdoor adventure pursuits such as hiking and climbing.


  1. Some types of contact lenses have the potential to slow the rate of development of short sightedness.
  2. Daily disposable lenses allow contact lenses to be used on a part-time basis, for instance for sports.
  3. Many contact lenses can provide protection from ultra violet radiation, especially when sunglasses can’t be worn.
  4. Long-sighted correction with contact lenses improves vision for applying make-up.
  5. Irritation from cigarette smoke is reduced by soft contact lenses.
  6. Soft contact lenses provide some protection in dusty atmospheres.
  7. With a wide range of contact lens materials, fittings and types, your chance of success with contact lenses has never been better.
Adapted with kind permission from Charles McMonnies paper: Cont Lens Ant Eye 2011; 34:241-8.