CRO Services - Clinical Monitoring

Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability - William Osler

Visioncare Research has worked with investigational sites on four continents and, in particular, has developed a network of sites in N America, Europe and China. We recognise the importance of working with reliable, properly motivated and well-trained investigators and support staff. As well as Visioncare's UK based personnel, we have CRAs in the United States and China.

We have experience in conducting investigator meetings, and undertaking study initiation visits, site monitoring visits, product accountability procedures. We routinely provide sponsors with weekly update reports.

  • Site management
  • Site monitoring visits
  • Adverse Event monitoring
  • Data management of electronic data collection
  • CRF checking and Data Clarification Form (DCF) resolution
  • Study product accountability
  • Management of investigator payments
  • Close-out visits.